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Composer - Singer - Instructor - Harpist
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details & rates

Recitals: $800 - $4000
Parties: $245 - $400 for 1st hr., depending on location
$120 Ea. addnl. hr. - prorated
Weddings & Funerals: $245 - $400 for 1st hr., depending on location
$120 Ea. addnl. hr. - prorated
Orchestral harp: Performances $150 - $400
Rehearsals $45 - 75 per hr., prorated
Arranging / editing $8 - 15 per hr.
Composing: $20/hr.
Solo, Duos, Trios, Quartets, Jazz Combos: $245 - $1200 for 1st hr., depending on location
Harp music suggested for any or all of the following:
Ceremony or Service
Hors d'oeuvres
Note: There is no extra charge when the harpist performs also as a singer


Wedding & Unity Ceremony details:

   For ceremonies outside or inside, most clients prefer the music to start 15 or 20 minutes before the ceremony is scheduled to start during the seating of the guests. Most ceremonies usually start ten minutes later than the scheduled time on the invitations. Special mothers' music can be played to seat in the mothers. The groom, officiator, & groomsmen usually prefer to enter in silence to create the sense of anticipation. Next, a specific piece may be chosen to be played for the bridesmaids to enter. There is an assortment of choices also for the bride's entrance music. When the ceremony has started most clients enjoy having a solo performed in the middle of the ceremony. This piece may be also sung if the clients wish. The harpist is also a singer. (For example: "All I Ask of You" from Phantom of the Opera or a sacred work such as "The Lord's Prayer.") At the end of the ceremony, the harpist will play music for the bridal party to exit, followed by music for the guests to exit (or mingle). The harpist takes great pleasure in choosing a gown from her costume collection which blends with or matches the clients' color scheme. The musicians and staff of Holvick Harp Productions enthusiastically support any unique or unusual wedding ceremonies.

Plan  A  or  Plan  B:  Clients have a choice
  • PLAN A IS FREE. It consists of a telephone discussion regarding the music choices the client prefers for the various entrances of the bridal party and the guests.
  • PLAN B is a "wedding consultation" at the Holvick Harp Productions Music Studio in Santa Barbara for the purpose of listening to live samples of music for the clients to hand-pick which piece they would like for each of the wedding party entrances. The rate for this consultation is $45/hour prorated. This meeting can take anywhere from thirty minutes ($22.50) to an hour and a half ($67.50) depending upon how many samples the clients wish to hear.
Prices & Possibilities:

The musicians charge by the hour with a one hour minimum.

    • $320 - $500 for first hour, depending on location.
    • Each additional hour: $60 prorated.
  • DUO'S:
    • Harp and flute OR Harp and violin
    • $390 - $650 for first hour, depending on location.
    • Each additional hour: $135 prorated.
  • TRIO'S:
    • Harp, flute, cello OR Harp, bass, drums
    • $540 - $800 for first hour, depending on location.
    • Each additional hour: $210 prorated.
    • Harp, flute, violin, cello OR Harp, guitar, bass, drums
    • $600 - $900 for first hour, depending on location.
    • Each additional hour: $325 prorated.
    • Harp, Bass, Drums, & Flute or Guitar
    • $600 - $1200 for first hour, depending on location & number of musicians
    • Each additional hour: $500 prorated.

Most clients prefer the harpist or harpist chamber group to be playing as the first guests arrive. Because the harp is not a loud instrument, it is quite suitable not only for a small, intimate group of guests (2 to 4 people), but also for a large group, up to 400 people (with amplification). The harp can be easily transported to accommodate either outside or inside sites.

Orchestral harp parts:

The harpist's rates depend on the time a particular harp part demands to be prepared, edited, or arranged for the first rehearsal. The harpist has extensive experience in preparing and performing harp parts. Upon receiving the harp part, the harpist will give a flat bid for the preparation of a work and an hourly rate for rehearsals and performances.

Harps available:
  • Lyon Healy gold or walnut pedal harps
  • Celtic Triplett Folk Harps
Amplification available:

Amplification is recommended for background music with large audiences or sites with white noise problems (traffic, waves, water falls). There is an additional minimal charge.

  • 40 - 50 people: "mini mouse" battery operated
  • 50 - 300 people: regular full amplification system
  • We also offer amplification for a minister or lecturer.


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